From the moment you fall pregnant, or decide that you want to, those powerful maternal instincts cause us to focus our attention on the baby. What we eat, what we think, our goals, our dreams – everything becomes skewed to prioritise these little people we are bringing (or have brought) into the world. But focusing a bit of attention or energy on yourself is healthy and, indeed, in the best interest of your children.

Early Pregnancy Workshop

Pregnancy Wellbeing with Laura Weyel, at Become Alive

Nutritionist yoga instructor and mother, Laura Weyel, runs wellbeing consultation programmes for men and women to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Her Pregnancy Wellbeing program is designed to help women to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally during pregnancy.

“It’s so important during pregnancy to be eating the right foods and to be emotionally and mentally healthy. Water transmits everything– sound, light, energy… Your baby is forming inside you. This is why it is so important to make sure you are thinking positive and feeling calm during pregnancy. What you feel is what they will become. If you are anxious during your pregnancy, your child will be more likely to be anxious. If you are calm and positive, your child will be calm and positive, too.”


what to eat when pregnant
  • Supplements and Nutrition Guidance

 “What to eat during which phase of pregnancy. At certain times, the bones are developing, at another stage, the neurological pathways are developing. Eating the right nutrients during these phases to support the growth of the baby can have significant impact on its development.”

• Inner wellbeing

"As the baby is swimming in water that picks up every emotion and energy, it is important to be relaxed and joyful during pregnancy. Emotions and thoughts can suppress, or activate, immune functions. I guide expecting mums through meditations to reach a calm and blissful state.”

Nourish your emotional well being during pregnancy

Breath work

“Our number one nutrient is oxygen and we need an abundance of it for every cell to function optimally. No nutrients can be absorbed on the cellular level if there isn’t enough oxygen. No matter how healthily you eat, if there are no CO2 molecules in your body, you won’t be able to absorb the minerals and vitamins. In general, we are poor breathers and need to first know how to use our breath in a correct way. In my sessions, I do breathwork with people to help them fully oxygenate their bodies. We also do some meditation and visualization.’’

Mindful Pregnancy : yoga and meditation for pregnant women


The programme consists of three one-on-one sessions with Laura for Dhs1, 800. Can start before, during, or after pregnancy– the sooner you start, the better. Included in the price is ongoing support throughout your pregnancy through calls and messages. For more information, contact Laura on 050-9100789.

Edited By: Surabhi Sudarsan