One of the best things about raising a family in the UAE is the opportunity to employ a nanny to help with the childcare and household tasks. We trust these wonderful ladies with the most important aspects of our lives, but it isn't a legal requirement nor common practice to ensure they are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge in childcare, education, healthy eating and safety. The main barrier to this is typically cost, as well as convenience - courses tend to seem like an expensive outlay on top of everything else, and they aren't always held at times that work for your family.  Rise has been created as a solution to this, as well as to the fact that many helpers do not have their own bank account, which can restrict their financial freedom.

As of today, the app is available on Google Play, (also available on iOS imminently), and sponsor families and helpers can download it and immediately access childcare and educational courses, which are purposefully affordable, from Dh50 – Dh200. Once a course is completed, this is logged on the app and a helper will have access to, and a record of, these courses from thereon.  The app charts achievements that will be useful in subsequent roles, and also when returning to home countries.

A household or an employer looking for a new helper will also benefit from the childcare-specific psychometric testing which will assess a potential helper beyond the norm; giving employers added reassurance before taking the very important decision on who will care for their children.

Rise is working with both international and local experts to offer courses in four main categories: building a caring and nurturing environment, supporting learning and child development, instilling healthy eating, and understanding child safety. Access to this app means helpers are better qualified, children benefit, parents are reassured and homes are happier and run better.

It's also expected that later this year, sponsors and their household employees will also have access to a full employee management tool, whereby the employee can actually have a bank account and manage their own finances.

This means household workers are empowered by financial independence. They can save for themselves, remit money at a lesser charge, take a loan, invest in a savings plan and buy courses to up-skill themselves.

 For more details please visit,, instagram:@growwithrise