There's nothing quite so civilised as freshly baked cake, a nice hot cup of tea and... a break from the kids for a while. How much would you love to be sipping on a nice brew while sampling fancy little finger sandwiches and crumbly scones, all while taking in the beautiful sea views from the gorgeous Al Fayrooz Lounge? Sigh.

In celebration of hardworking mums everywhere, we want to give one of our lovely readers the chance to treat themselves and a fellow mum friend to this blissful little slice of peace and biscuits. All you have to do is make sure you are registered on our website (it literally takes two seconds and there’s a sign-up box on our home page here) and then comment below, nominating a mummy friend of yours who you thinks deserves to win and why.

Al Fayrooz Lounge is pretty impressive

Be sure to include your full name in the comment and ensure that it matches the name you're registered with on our website so that we can get in touch with you if you've won for you and your friend. It may take some time for your comment to appear, but don't worry, we will read all comments!

Look at that view!

For more information on the Al Fayrooz afternoon tea at Al Qasr go here