Have you ever worried that your little one isn't spending enough time mixing with other children the same age? As a working mum whose baby stays home with the nanny I definitely do! So this new Play:Date app sounds interesting. A bit like a Tinder for families (Ok that's a really inappropriate comparison, but you get what I mean), it links up mums or dads with nearby parents who also have children with the same age and interests. Apparently there are going to be featured offers and rewards too - discounts at local play areas and the like I would imagine.  

“As part of our ongoing global strategy, we decided to launch our application in the UAE, one of the safest capitals of the world. We know being a parent is expensive, and aim to bring together parents and children with similar interests while offering exciting deals and offers to sweeten their experience”, says Shamim Kassibawi, Co-founder of Play:Date

The app engages parents with other parents, based on the interests and personalities of their children, while also expanding the parent’s network within the community. It sounds like it could be a great idea for SAHM expat mums new to Dubai, or for working mothers who don't necessarily get the chance to socialise with other mums during the week and want to find friends for their little ones to play with at the weekend. It could also potentially work as a way to link up nannies with other ladies caring for children the same age. If you try it please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Play:Date is available for download on Apple iOS in the UAE.