Online retailer Sprii has just launched a new Arabic and English Community app, created to connect parents with trusted professionals across the GCC. The app is intended to provide a platform for parents to exchange advice, ask questions and share their parenting experiences in a secure and safe environment.

Sprii Community, an extension of the company’s ‘Everything For Mums’ e-commerce platform, has been designed for both parents and expectant parents to easily chat with one another, as well as giving exclusive access to health experts in nutrition, sleep, fertility and even finances. Parents will be able to discuss any questions they have in an open forum, with the option to stay anonymous, follow topics of interest and personalise their feed to suit their requirements.

“Our mission has always been to ‘Simplify Mums’ Lives’, ” says Sprii Founder & CEO, Sarah Jones. “The launch of our new Community App takes this a step further, allowing us to facilitate a supportive conversation between parents and local professionals, who are ready to answer any questions parents may have, all at the touch of a button.

“As a mother myself, I know how anxious and frustrating the parenting journey can be, searching endless forums trying to find answers, not knowing what advice is genuine and if it can be trusted. That was one of the main reasons we decided to create Sprii Community. We wanted to offer a dedicated space with a ‘neighbourhood community’ feel that would bring parents and trusted experts together in one place. Users will be able to chat with fellow parents or seek professional advice on the platform, but ultimately, the conversations will be driven by them.”

Covering a wide range of easily-browseable topics from Fertility, Breastfeeding and local Nurseries to Relationships, Healthy Eating and recommended Schools by neighbourhood, there’s something to suit every parent. Vetted and verified professionals will be on hand to share their expertise, helping parents feel secure that the information is coming from a trusted and recommended source.

The app also allows for a more tailored experience, as users will be able to see top answers based on location, such as the best places to visit with kids in Riyadh, top rated nurseries in Dubai and recommended fertility clinics in your area, all upvoted by fellow parents with the ability to receive personalised notifications about new and exciting discussions happening real-time. Sprii Community is available for download on iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play store for free in both English and Arabic from 17 May 2020. For more information, see

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