This year sees an unprecedented Ramadan, with families in many countries around the world unable to get together for Iftar and Suhoor.  In a month that is characterised by optimism and celebration, there is a heightened sense of anxiety and fear for the safety of loved ones.  Doors previously open are closed and cities, previously bustling with Ramadan markets and gatherings, are locked down. 

Featuring Aayrah (7), Abdullah (8), Justin (5), Vishank (7), Isra (6), Fahad (9), Danielle (6), Aydin (4) and Minha (8), the film taps into the virtues of remembrance and resolve that are intrinsic to Ramadan. They were asked to share what they’ll remember from this period dominated by COVID-19, and their surprising and evocative answers tell an unexpected Ramadan story. Namely, that if we all could learn from what our children will remember of COVID-19, we could help to build a world that we deserve. We are reminded of the importance of seeing the good amidst all the bad around us; about remembering the ones who sacrifice for the rest; about acknowledging the positive changes in ourselves; and about valuing the things we should hold dear, not just during COVID-19, but always.

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“At Babyshop, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life, and our focus on helping to achieve that goal is further strengthened right now, with so much upheaval in their lives during these unforeseen times” said Richard Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Babyshop. “Through the ‘A World We Deserve’ message, Babyshop is portraying a hopeful world, full of positivity, through the eyes and words of its children.  We hope that it will bring smiles and a measure of comfort to all families this Ramadan” he added.

"We are all experiencing a season like no other, and in these uncertain times, we all need hope," says young US musical artist Brittin Lane, who wrote the melody and co-wrote the lyrics for the campaign song. "I hope this song and beautiful film shines a little bit of light into these dark times and unites us all" she concluded.

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