While we love the outpouring of amazing quotes, images and insights on female empowerment happening online this International Women's Day, we were particularly taken with one, short and sweet little cartoon created by Philippa Rice for Google's iconic 'Google Doodle' slot - special artworks created to mark historical days on the search engine's homepage. 

Part of a series of 12 awesome comic strips by talented female artists, covering topics as diverse as aging, female friendship and the fight to live your dreams, UK-based animator, illustrator and comic strip artist Philippa chose the struggles of new motherhood as her theme. 

Titled 'Trust', the cartoon follows the challenges of a new mum who finds its difficult to get to grips with the constant self-doubt that seems to come part and parcel with taking care of a baby. Is she doing everything wrong? Is she is a bad mother? These are the unspoken questions that have popped into all our minds at one point or another, during frazzled night feeds or moments when we lose our temper. 

But Philippa sums up the best solution to these fears: If you can't trust yourself, trust each other. The most important thing to remember is that you're not alone and that International Women's Day is as much about supporting each other - sharing our experiences, our anxieties and our triumphs - as about forging our own paths. 

See the full comic below and visit  Philippa's website for more cute, funny and heartwarming artwork. 

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