It started off as rumour, which developed into a series of secondhand reports, followed by a near world-wide assumption that it must be true, but despite all this Kylie Jenner, reality television personality, model and entrepreneur, still refused to confirm claims that she was expecting a child. 

However, all was revealed yesterday when the 20-year-old announced that she had indeed given birth to her and partner Travis Scott's first child, a little girl who is yet to be named. 

Taking to Instagram on Sunday the 4th Kylie explained that the child was born on February 1st and also went some way to shed light on the secrecy surrounding the pregnancy: 

From Kylie's Instagram

On her Youtube channel she posted a ten minute tribute to her new baby charting a series of intimate moments during the pregnancy, from attending scans to posing with friends at her baby shower. 

Until now we've heard nothing from Kylie herself on her impending motherhood and the video shows touching moments with friends and family who describe how they first heard about the news, including thoughts from Kylie's mother, Kris Jenner, and clips from the day Kylie herself was born. The result is a moving record documenting Kylie's journey through her unexpected pregnancy and the small circle of people who helped her on the way. 

The video ends with an audio clip of the birth, as we hear Kylie's family encourage her through the final stages and we are offered our first peek at the newborn baby. Watch the whole thing here: 

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