Our latest Mummy Morning was at the stunning location of The Farm in Al Barari, where our mums were treated to a delicious breakfast, while the little ones enjoyed some fun and games with kids' play venue Caboodle and were taken care of by the lovely ladies at Malaak Mama & Baby Care.

Kids' activities organised by CaboodleYummy breakfast!

We had the wonderful Janice, vice principal of Hartland International School, in attendance. Baby & Child editor Tabi took Janice round to each table of mums, where she chatted to them about education options in Dubai. Everyone was interested to know things like when they should sign their baby up to a school, how to prepare for a school assessment, which curriculum to choose, whether to start at FS1, 2 or in year 1 or 2.

Janice, vice principal of Hartland International School

We also had the fantastic Munchkin brand with us, which makes all sorts of clever baby and toddler accessories and toys. Think no-spill cups for little ones learning to drink without a spout; plates and spoons that change colour if food is too hot; clever weaning pouches through which little ones can suck on semi solid food without the risk of choking; bath-toy scoops that also act as a drainer and basket. The mums couldn't get enough of it!

Mums crowding round the Munchkin display

There was also a festive photo wall.

Story time and parachute play from Caboodle, with some help from the wonderful nurses at Malaak Mama & Baby Care.

And everyone left with some brilliant goodie bags!

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Zoe, parents relations officer at Hartland International School, speaking to a mum''