We asked a selection of women to share their greatest #MummyMilestones with hilarious results...

Not smelling of vomit
Two of my triplets had reflux and a bit of colic, which meant we experienced daily projectile vomiting. I often didn't have time for a long shower so I had a sort of 'odour' about me. I distinctly remember being out when they were about 10 months old, probably getting groceries in Spinneys, and I physically stopped in the middle of the aisle, sniffed myself and grinned. For once, I didn't smell of vomit! It was a moment I rejoiced in although, sadly, I didn't have anyone I knew to share it with right then and there.

- Suman Manning, mum to Zander, Zara and Zoe, aged six

First dinner date
Staying awake long enough to go out to dinner felt like an almost-insurmountable challenge, but my husband and I managed it when our first born was two weeks old as my dad insisted we take a break. It didn't go exactly as I imagined - I soon discovered I no longer knew how to walk in heels so ditched them almost immediately. While I spent most of the time talking about the new baby, suppressing yawns and frantically checking my phone to see if the nanny had called, by the end of the evening I felt triumphant that I wasn't face down in my food, my child was still alive and my husband and I were still in love.

- Dina Hassanein, mum to Talia, two and Sief, five months

Shaving my legs
For the last two months of pregnancy, I couldn't even see my legs underneath my expanding belly, let alone get to them in order to shave them. Eventually, they became the forgotten friends that steadily took me from A to B. After our children were born, it was just too easy to wear long trousers and forget about them. When my youngest was around eight months old, however, my eldest told me I looked like Chewbacca. At that moment, I vowed that never again would I become the creature from Millennium Falcon. I whisked the baby into the bathroom with me and shaved my legs right there and then - no more excuses.

- Janine Mackenzie, mum to Joshua, 16, Abigail, five, and Jessica, two, and member of the Baby&Child mum panel

Doing the food shopping without crying
I recently managed to get almost all the way around the supermarket without bursting into tears - even when approached by kind and helpful vegetable-weighing man who offered to push my trolley to the till upon noticing my screaming child in tow. Now that's something to be proud of - go me!

- Kelly Ann Crane, mum to Elliott, three, and Chloe, four months

Enjoying a full night's sleep
From the day my son was born, I didn't sleep for more than around three or four hours straight, as Chris was in the habit of waking several times to eat or have a little cry. When he was around 10 months old, however, I put him down as normal and hadn't heard a peep out of him by the time I went to bed a few hours later. I drifted off to sleep but woke up in a panic around midnight as Chris still hadn't woken up. I checked on him and he was fine so I went back to sleep but annoyingly kept waking up every few hours as I was so used to it. That night was his first time sleeping through and even though I couldn't fully enjoy it, I soon learnt to relax. Now when he does manage to sleep through the night, so do I, and I always feel like a new woman afterwards.

- Christelle Boulos, mum to Chris, 10 months

A shopping win
One of my favourite pre-baby pastimes was hitting the mall and treating myself to some new clothes. My beloved shopping trips have been few and far between since having my son as I just don't have the time. If I did try to take him with me, he got a kick out of ransacking the rails. I didn't give up, however, and when he was 20 months old I discovered that engaging him in the experience really helped. He now enjoys carrying bags like a little assistant and helping me decide what looks good - he can actually be pretty opinionated! Finally being able to enter a store, try on clothes and buy them without having to abandon the outing halfway through has made me feel like my old self again - with a style update to boot.

- Abbey Michelle, mum to Zachy, 22 months, and blogger at The Son and the Moon (www.sonandthemoon.com)

Reclaiming some 'me time'
When my son Charlie turned three, he became semi-independent. Having a child that now sits in the same room as me but is happy to do a jigsaw alone, navigate his way around a tablet - for no more than 20 minutes, of course - and generally listens and responds to instruction has freed up an immense amount of time that I didn't have before. As a result, I feel calmer, more organised, more structured and the end of the day is a more peaceful time that I really look forward to, when we can just be together rather than racing to get everything done.

- Laetitia Tregoning, mum to Charlie, three

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