I found out I was having a girl at my 20-week scan, so I had plenty of time to think about how I wanted to design her nursery.
I’m very particular about details, and I love the challenge of designing a whole room, without forgetting how much little touches matter. I really enjoy interior design so doing Chloe’s nursery was hours of fun.

Kelly Marque designed a beautiful nursery for her baby girl, Chloe

I’ve always liked the shabby-chic look and have used it in the rest of the house, so I wanted the nursery to fit in.
Although it’s important that the nursery is baby- and then child-friendly, it also had to be tasteful. I was adamant I didn’t want something that didn’t suit the rest of our home or looked out of place.I spend a lot of time in the nursery with Chloe, so I wanted it to be somewhere I’d enjoy being as well. I think it’s a nice mix of baby touches, such as the playful bunting and the Disney characters, and adult influences, including the grey throw and utility-style lamps. I was also keen to steer clear of too much girly, cutesy pink, so although I have used pink for the walls, it’s a very grown-up, muted pink offset by the more mature grey.

“I adore this unicorns poster and as soon as I saw it on Notonthehighstreet.com, I knew I had to have it in the nursery.”

We ended up having to decorate and finish Chloe’s nursery in a bit of a hurry...
Towards the end of my pregnancy we knew we were planning to move, but we’d decided to wait until Chloe was at least a couple of months old before we looked for a new place. Then unexpectedly, a week before I was due to give birth, a villa became available in the compound we really liked so we knew we had to take it. Luckily we had access to a team of maintenance guys who helped us make sure it all came together in time. This was essential for me, as the last thing I wanted was to move house with a brand new baby and end up living amid a building site.

“Chloe loves looking at these hanging birds when she’s awake in her cot.”

I hate waste and I’m pleased I’ve been able to reuse and recyle some pieces from our old home and other rooms.
The large white chest of drawers used to be in the kitchen of a property I lived in several years ago. The top was slightly damaged so I had a local carpenter make a new top with a different colour wood. It’s totally in keeping with the room, but adds a bit of extra interest to the white, and some warmth. It’s also great for storage and easy access to things I use
on a regular basis.

“I love bunting and had this handmade to order in Satwa.”


I love unique pieces and I have a list of go-to sources for finding them.
I’m a huge fan of places such as Ripe Market and Arte, as they’re full of quirky, individual pieces you just don’t find anywhere else. I also really like supporting local craftspeople and businesses, and I much prefer handmade rather than mass-produced items. For things I really can’t find anywhere else,
I love British site Notonthehighstreet.com. I’ve used it for gifts for years, and it’s my go-to place when I’m struggling to find what I’m looking for.

“Daddy works for Disney so naturally, Chloe has a few bits and pieces!”

One of my favourite pieces is the unicorn poster.
It’s so cute, and it’s the kind of thing I’d say. I think it’ll be totally apt; if Chloe’s anything like her big brother Elliott, I can see her blaming the unicorns plenty of times over the years!

Wall art is a great way to liven up a room

I think wall art is a great way to liven up a room and create interest without too much effort.
As we’re only renting our villa, we didn’t want to go all-out with revamping the interior, but we know we’ll likely stay here until we leave Dubai so we did want to put our own personal stamp on it to enjoy it while we’re here, and make it as much of a home as we could. Using colour on the walls and then wall art
is a great way to personalise without causing yourselves problems when you leave, and it’s ideal in a room such as a nursery where you want to create interesting walls. There are plenty of ready-made decal options in interiors stores here, or you can have custom-made designs created.

“I love how random these ceiling hangings are. I think they really liven up the room without being too intrusive.”

I’m very particular and like everything to have its place.
Having various storage options around, including the chests of drawers and accessories such as the wicker basket, means I can have everything organised. I know where things go and it doesn’t take too long to get the room straight again if Elliott has been in ‘helping’ me with Chloe.

"I'd have loved to have this for my room as a child"

I’d have loved to have this for my room as a child.
In fact, I’d love to have it now and – if I’m truthful – I think I’ve probably designed it more for myself than for Chloe! I grew up in a somewhat more chaotic household than the one I’m in now, so having a calm, serene home makes me happy and I love that this extends to Chloe’s nursery. The colours, textures and accessories are all totally my style. I hope my daughter inherits my taste and likes it as much as I do when she’s a little bit older.

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