If you're looking to freshen up the kids room with a feature both you and they will love, check out our easy how-to on creating a mountain mural demonstrated here by our art editor Melany Demetillo-Reyes...

Want to try it yourself? Follow our step by step guide below: 


You'll need: 

  • Wall paint in 3 colours
  • Paint tray, brush and rollers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Aluminium foil
  • Newspaper


1. Start off by making the shape of your foreground mountains with the painter’s tape. Then follow up by
outlining the shape of the background mountain peaks. Once you’re happy with the composition, review the shapes and ensure that the tape is well adhered to the wall to avoid any paint leaking underneath.

Top Tip Protect your floor with newspaper and cover the tray with aluminum foil to make it easy to wash.

2. Paint the background of the mountain using a soft blue paint, or your preferred colour. Let it dry and then follow up with another round of paint. It usually takes an hour to dry.

Top Tip Use the brush to paint the edges of the shape as the roller won’t reach the narrow parts.

3. For the foreground mountains use a different colour paint and repeat the same steps as for the background mountain. It usually takes two coats to cover the wall fully, but if you see some patches apply another coat. 

4. Let the paint dry completely and then very carefully peel off the the tape to reveal borders in the colour of your original wall colour. 

5. Make a mountain-peak shape with the painter’s tape and make sure it’s well adhered to the wall. Use the brush to paint the peak black. Let it dry and apply two more coats. Once dry carefully peel off the tape and enjoy your baby’s new wall decor! 

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Photos by Aiza Castillo-Domingo