Looking for a stylish dress

Q I am six months pregnant and have to attend a black-tie event. What can I wear?

A You need a show-stopping outfit that will fit and flatter your bump, so opt for an empire-line dress with soft gathers underneath to loosely fall over your beautiful bump. Go for hair up to give you height so you can wear flat sparkling sandals for comfort.

Swimsuits that suit!

Q I’m going on vacation and I am struggling to find a swimsuit that fits. I don’t feel confident enough to wear a bikini, but I want something stylish.

A Shopping for swimsuits at any time is not an easy task, and it’s even worse when you’re pregnant! Fortunately there are a lot of great styles out at the moment that will fit your bump beautifully. Try swimsuits that have some gathers over the tummy to compliment and help disguise a growing bump. Tankinis are another option that hide the tummy but cater to those of us who wear different sizes on our top and bottom.

Attention diversion

Q I’m in my last trimester and huge, and I’m not one of the lucky ones with just a neat bump, I have put on weight everywhere. Please help, what can I wear to make myself feel better?

A Go for simple and plain garments such as an LBD or a jersey maxi dress and accessorise with colour and statement jewels. Try an oversized necklace and a bright, fashionable red lip. Everyone will be too busy looking at your jewellery and lips to notice the extra weight! It’s the art of distraction...

I need comfy preggy jeans

Q I live in jeans but no longer fit in my regular ones so need to buy some maternity ones asap! Where do I start?

A Maternity jeans are an essential. You can get two main types; ones with a stretch panel that sits under your bump and another that covers your bump – try on a few, it all depends on your preference. Make sure the denim is stretchy and super soft. Purchase two pairs, one light denim for casual weekends and a second in dark denim that will take you seamlessly from day to night.

Must-have key pieces

Q I’m in desperate need of some maternity clothes. I don’t want to spend too much, but I still want to look stylish. Ideally I would like to be able to wear the clothes after my baby has arrived, too.

A Invest in a few key pieces that you can dress up and down. A stretchy maxi dress is a must as it’s incredibly versatile and can be worn afterwards. Style with fun, coloured slip-on sandals (that are easy to put on when it becomes harder to bend down as your bump grows!) for an easy day look, and dress up with a loose, printed kimono jacket for evening. You should also include an LBD on your shopping list for any events that require a more glam look – this one will still give you some coverage over the legs and ankles if they become swollen during pregnancy.

Nice nursing wear?

Q I am pregnant with my second child and struggled the first time around to buy breastfeeding clothes that were nice enough to wear again afterwards – any suggestions?

A Shirts, worn quite loose, are very on-trend right now and perfect for breastfeeding mothers. You can wear them undone during pregnancy as jackets with a stretch vest worn under, and then buttoned up once baby has arrived. Crossover styles are also a great option as they are functional, yet fashionable too!

Bra support

Q What should I look for in a maternity bra? Is there a particular style or material I should go for?

A Comfort is key so go for a wireless (as wires can inhibit blood flow and hamper milk production) and a soft, cotton fabric. Ideally it should also have a wide back strap for maximum support and comfort, with extra adjusters to allow for a little weight gain and loss post pregnancy!