Getting back to work after taking a break to raise kids can be tough. Hitting upon a role that suits your experience, meets your expectations and isn’t impossibly rigid is a rare find. Indeed, recent research has shown that 77 per cent of mums in the UAE would like to return to work after having a baby, with 38 per cent saying that the biggest barrier was the lack of part-time or flexible working roles. This is where Mums@Work comes in.

“Gone are the days when women have to choose between family and their careers,” says Louise Karim, managing director of Mums@Work. “In a market like the UAE, it is great to see how many senior positions women and, more to the point, women with children, hold. There is a wealth of women in this market who have taken time off to raise their children and after either a short or extended break, are not sure of the best route back to their chosen profession that also suits their family. This research shows the sheer volume of women looking to return to work after having children, and the key driver of this being financial stability.”

Since the recruiter launched, hundreds of candidates have already signed up. Members can gain access to jobs in more than 10 sectors including marketing, sales, banking, finance and secretarial and business support.

“Typically our roles range from experienced, managerial and senior management level,” she explains. “We are not only connecting candidates and clients – we go way beyond this. We are here to guide, mentor and ensure that women have the skills and confidence they need to get the jobs they want. We also want to make sure that they have the choices and right working hours to suit their families.”

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