We were shocked, but absolutely delighted when we found out we were having twins. My Grandma is a twin, so it was fantastic to continue the family tradition. Our main concerns were what we would need to buy. My husband, Andy*, was mainly concerned about which car would be best to fit us all in!

People who know

I first turned to social media to look for support groups. I found it easy to reach out to other mums here in the UAE. I became part of the groups Twins Plus Arabia, Small & Mighty Babies and the Little Feather Collective. We also reached out to a Doula named Lala who kindly agreed to come to our house as I was on bedrest. Lala took us through a twins preparation course that she provides for parents-to-be. This was incredibly helpful as it gave us theory and hands-on practice for when the twins arrived. Our team of doctors was just amazing and we can’t thank them enough for their care, patience and guidance throughout. We saw a few different doctors over the course of our journey... Dr Dimitrios from Orchid Fertility was amazing. I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with the twins and he helped us to unravel our fertility issues and understand what was happening and why. Dr Liliana from Health Bay Polyclinic gave us great OBGYN care during the pregnancy with the twins and, as a high risk pregnancy, we had advice and support from Dr George from Genesis Perinatal Care Clinic.

Be prepared

My pregnancy was a rather complicated one but with amazing support and care I managed to deliver at 36 weeks. We prepared for the girls’ arrival by asking lots of friends and family which parenting items they couldn’t live without. We then sat down and went thought the list to see which of these gadgets, products and tips we thought would work best for us.
W then made sure we had plenty of the basics to get us through the first few weeks. I read a lot of books and online websites about having twins and decided that the girls would share the same crib in our room so that they could be near us and near each other. We had to be super organised... I remember making sure we had bottles lined up for the night feeds, as I didn’t know how I would feed them until they arrived.

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding was a challenge at the beginning but our doula and the midwives at Mediclinic City Hospital helped me to be prepared for this and figure out how to latch them on and off and how to hold them both together.
I used a ‘My Breast Friend Pillow’ to allow me to tandem feed the girls. We combination feed them, so we also used a Twin Z Pillow for feeding them bottle when they were small. The most difficult part of having twins is when one wakes up and wakes the other one up! We are very relaxed parents and how we achieve this is team work and by being very organised! We go through a lot of formula and nappies so we always need to have spares. We run the babies’ days on a schedule, which makes it easier to know when it’s feeding time and sleeping time. It doesn’t always go to plan, but generally it works well.

Special connection

Our twins have very different personalities, so it’s wonderful to see them develop as individuals as they grow. They have also started to recognise each other, hold hands and smile at each other, which just melts our hearts. We can already see the connection that the girls have and we know that they will grow up together as sisters with a special bond.


Family values

Remember they are their own person and shouldn’t be treated the same. They may wear different sizes of clothes, eat different amounts and sleep for different amounts of time. Be organized. Be prepared. And if you have a bad day remember, ‘This too shall pass’. Most importantly, be a team with your other half by supporting each other — and always kiss and make up before bed!

*Andy Curtis is a blogger and blogs about his twin daughters @twindaddubai on Instagram

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