Most UAE parents are feeling the heat, both literally and metaphorically, of caring for children during the Coronavirus pandemic. With schools and entertainment venues closed, and the weather too hot to go outside most of the day, we’re all struggling to navigate the complex issues thrown up by this unprecedented situation.
Which is why Thrive Wellbeing Centre by Dr Sarah Rasmi has launched Peaceful Parenting, a four-week online course for parents who would like to receive some guidance on how to help their children adjust to online schooling and the transition to summer, while keeping their own peace of mind. 
Both or one parent can sign up to the course, which will be delivered in the form of a presentation followed by parenting tips, practical strategies and everyday activities to use with children. Every session will allow time for each parent to receive individual feedback and support with regards to their child.
The course, led by Dr Ola Pykhtina, Thrive’s children and family specialist, will start at 9am on Saturday 27 June, 2020 and run for four weeks and costs Dh1,600 for four hours per family (up to two parents/primary caregivers).
Course outline:
Week 1: Self-regulation
·       Emotions: what are they?
·      Peaceful parenting: is it a dream?
·       Navigating conflicts
·       Using emotions for effective communication

Week 2: Online schooling and summer transitions
·       Managing demands of online schooling
·       Being a parent or a teacher?
·       Setting priorities
·       Spending summer indoors: options and alternatives
Week 3: Children empowerment
·       Rescuing versus helping
·       Coaching versus controlling
·       Parenting style
·       Discipline and love

Week 4: Behaviour management 
·       Research on physical punishment
·       Ignoring or addressing?
·       Child needs
·       Limit setting
·       Power struggle
·       Win-win solutions
·       Alternatives to punishment 

See Thrive for more information on the course or to arrange an appointment. 

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