So it seems we are all grounded with our kids for the coming few weeks at least.

I am not even going to try to pretend that this is going to be easy. But, I will choose to see the positive side of things because I'd rather not be miserable for the coming months!

Here are some tips and how I’ve been doing it so far:

1. Create a dedicated space for private calls:
I have a room with a lock on the door - and a huge stop sign that the kids can see. Do not enter if you see this sign. Emails, I can do in the garden!

2. Get up and get dressed:

Yes, I change out of my PJs and don’t just wear a smart shirt for Zoom calls. Dress the part, feel the part, act the part.

3. Have a schedule for the kids and for yourself:

You do not have to work 8 hours straight. And if you do as a working parent, then I think you deserve a medal. Be realistic… work 45-50 min blocks. If you and your partner are both working from home, try to coordinate schedules.

4. For work meetings, force team members to show their faces during meetings:

No, you cannot have your camera off while we are all talking! So yes, you probably should comb your hair before joining the meeting. I think it’s important for us to see each other, connect and laugh together.

5. Make the most out of being together as a family - have your lunch break together. Or not.

6. Use your saved commute time to exercise or meditate. Unfortunately, you no longer have an excuse. Now you have time.

7. Turn off the work at some point—now there is literally no boundary between work and home, so you have to be very disciplined about ‘being done with work.’ One way to do this is to change out of your work clothes into your leisurewear…or PJs.

8. Buy a blue light blocking screen protector or glasses. Guard your eyes and your sleep.

9. Bose noise cancellation headset:

I got it when I was studying for exams. Peace and quiet, priceless.

10. Stay inspired:
I am excited about this challenge. Life literally threw us into a paradigm shift. All these massive changes to our lives happened overnight, and everyone is adapting so quickly. Amazing.

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