What makes parenting in the United Arab Emirates so unique? We asked mums on facebook.com/babyandchilduae to tell us about their little ‘UAE parent’ moments and here’s what they said:

"You know you are a mum in the UAE when the one constant activity you can do with your child all year round is go swimming" - Sarah

"You know you are a mum in the UAE when your child finds a rainy day as special as Xmas and thinks flooded streets are as much fun as Wild Wadi water park" - Christina

"You know you're a UAE mum when your child has a favorite brunch!" - Marisa

"You know you’re a parent in the UAE when you chose your lunch venue based on whether they have valet or not" - Ippanco

“You know you're a UAE mum when you can take your baby to the snow and the beach in the same day!” - Shweta

"You know you’re a UAE parent When you end up ordering food in the middle of the night because you didn't get a chance to cook for yourself, but when it arrives, the delivery guy doesn't ring the bell because it's past 8pm" - Asia

"You know you're a mother in Dubai when you can take your kids skiing anytime of the year" - Mihaela

"When your child goes to an eco-friendly nursery, which is flanked by a street of 20 or more EMPTY 4x4 cars with the engines running to keep them cool at drop-off" - Khushbu

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