1) Have lots and lots of spare change - people will try to buy an outfit for Dh10 with a Dh500 note, so it's best to be prepared.

2) If you're selling a lot of clothes, consider renting a rail so that you can present them hanging up. A collection of plastic bags is useful both for you and to hand out to people who buy from you. 

3) Get there really early at 7am and queue. You can get a car parking space by the escalator and use the trolley to transport your stuff. Tables are allocated on a first come basis. If you're there early you can look and identify the best tables with the most room.

4) Take water, coffee in a flask, snacks etc. Wear comfortable shoes.

5)  Ideally price up all your items beforehand. Labelling all of your items in groups (eg 'girls' legging 0 - 6 months') and putting them in zip locked bags really helps with less questions but is time consuming.

6) Reduce your prices from 10.30am onwards.

7) Keep an eye on stuff at the front of your table as occasionally things can go 'missing'.

8) Know the price that your items sell at new as it helps with negotiating.

9) A bowl of sweets or similar on your table  is a nice incentive for people to visit you.

10) Also consider putting your big items up on a preloved Facebook group the week before, saying collection during the week otherwise it's going to Baby Bazaar. It will save you having to take as much stuff!


Baby Bazaar is held on the last Saturday of the month at Times Square Center. See http://www.babybazaar.org/ for more info.