On Fridays we do a big brunch-type morning at home. I am an early bird and I wake up to the sound of my kids scrapping, screaming and asking me to help them. Never mind, I put the music on and prepare the pancake mix, which we make from scratch with rye flour and organic-ingredients, and I prepare the breakfast. Vikentiy is a paleo eater and loves his steak in the morning. He will then cook the pancakes and the iced tea, which we also do fresh each day with lemons and Agave syrup. After nourishing ourselves we will go for a stroll or a swim with the gang.

If the kids are cranky, we do a spontaneous activity at home and then we head out. When we go out, sometimes we don't even know what we all want to do. We are the family you will find at the McDonald's drive-through, buying ice cream cones and loving it!

Solange Dyro's family have no TV or iPad screens in their house
Our three kids sleep at the same time, around 6pm. This is the only thing we tend to not freestyle with! The first one was on a sleeping/eating schedule, and every additional child has just adhered to the routine. We stick to that because for us it is important that we get time on our own together as a couple, to talk about life and how we feel.

Jumeirah open beach, near Burj Al Arab, is our favourite spot. We also spend a lot of hours in the small parks in The Springs. For a bit of excitement, a trip the Metro and the Dubai Tram always delivers.

The only thing I think our kids miss out on in Dubai is that none of them has ever been for a walk in a forest. This is something quite important for us. We love natural medicine and the forest has a precious place in our heart. We are fixing the situation this year.

For a special treat, we will head to Fraiche - a café in JLT. We all love açai berries, which are on the menu, and they have something for the whole family. The staff are lovely too. We also love The Farm at Al Barari.

Vikentiy and I are both artists at heart. Emotional maturity and expression through art is very important for us. So our kids draw, paint, practice capoeira, dance and the like. We love music and story-telling is my speciality.

The beach is one of their favourite places to have fun as a family

We do not use any screens. We own no TV. We purchased iPads for our kids, but on seeing their behaviour after using it for a month, we hid them and never took them out again. It might sound medieval but we like boredom and we spend many hours with ourselves, learning about ourselves. Our kids have hours where they just create something out of nothing.

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