On Friday, April 27, Baby & Child joined the crowds at Dubai Creek Park to participate in a fun family day-out designed to promote the benefits of sport, fitness and leading active lives organised by Dubai Sports Council. 

Baby & Child and Gulf News started families off with some refreshing freebies as children and parents arrived, gearing up for a day packed full of activity. 

As the crowd grew kids split up into their respective age groups. There are runs organised for children of all ages, with races of varying length split into different age categories. For the older kids this starts at 5-6 years (800m), 7-8 years (1,000m), 9-10 years (1,200m) and 11-13 years (1,500m). 

Meanwhile babies as young as nine months can sign up to participate, namely in a 10m Baby Crawl race for little ones aged up to 12 months and a 400m Toddler Trot race organised for 3-4 year-olds. Before the races could begin, however, kids participated in some crucial warm-up exercises. 

Of course we made sure we caught the Baby Crawl race as we were keen to witness the adorableness - and chaos - of babies battling it out for the title of fastest crawler.

Watch the video here: 

Some parents had their participants practice beforehand where it was discovered that a Baby & Child rubber duck provided the perfect motivation to get little ones heading for the finishing line.  

Soon the babies were all in place, waiting eagerly on the starting line to see who would claim the victory. 

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And some contestants were so ready to begin their parents had to hold them back! 

Ready, get set, GO! And they were off... 

It was a hugely competitive event, with all race spots booked up well in advance. 

Although admittedly some contestants did seem to forget which direction the finish line was in... 

But eventually a few champion crawlers did reach the finish line...

On the day everyone who finishes their races are presented with a medal for taking part, as well as drinks and snacks. Trophies were presented to the fastest six winners in each age group, three girls and three boys.  

After the races all children received free entry to a host of fun kids' activities and entertainment. 

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The Emirates Kids Run proved a runaway success and we're already looking forward to its return next year, giving us plenty of time to start training our toddlers! 

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Photos by Aiza Castillo Domingo