There can never be enough outdoor space in Dubai in our opinion, and D3's edgy new park - aptly titled The Block - is as innovative and trendy as you might expect of the recreational space belonging to Dubai's swanky Design District.

Based behind Dubai Mall and along the D3 waterfront, the park is a brand spanking new community space, featuring all sorts of fun-filled pockets of activity where you can chill while the kids run haywire.

There's a big green space for little ones to run around in, as well as an urban beach for making sand castles, swings (we didn't see any baby swings though), climbing frames, hammocks, plus the endless entertainment of boats and ferries passing by on the canal.

Bigger kids and teens will absolutely love the fantastic climbing wall and skate park, as well as the table tennis tables, basketball and volleyball courts. Music pumping out of speakers sets an urban-jungle vibe, while we were rather taken with the seating areas (perfect for a picnic) and the fact that it's so close to cool cafes and eateries of D3.


It's a bit of a sports and fitness destination, with a dedicated section for Callisthenics, ramps for BMXs, and kickboxing, table tennis and badminton equipment available for hire.

And there are even environmental credentials; the landscape architects who designed the park, Desert Ink, built it using 27 tonnes of concrete recycled from the construction of the Dubai canal. 

It's only just opened officially this April (we had a look around in late February, but final work was still ongoing until now), so if you haven't yet checked out the Design District yet, this is a good reason to pop down there with the family of a weekend.

Be warned though: there's not a huge amount of shade for little ones, so bring sunblock and hats, or aim for an early morning/ evening visit.

Entrance is free of charge, with parking available, and it is open every day until midnight. Based next to the canal by D3, it's accessible by water taxi (perfect for a cheap way to entertain the kids).

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