1. Spice it up with cinnamon Add ground cinnamon to snacks or meals for taste. It is a fantastic natural spice that assists in lowering blood glucose levels.

2. Wise up to yoghurt Instead of giving your little one pre-flavoured yoghurt, which contains on average five to six teaspoons of sugar per pot, serve a plain natural yoghurt with finely chopped fruit such as kiwi, mango, nectarines or peaches for flavour.

3. Out with cereal, in with oats Replace high-sugar cereals with a wholesome bowl of cooked oat porridge and chopped fruit or berries.

4. Set the juice loose The average juice box has around 14 teaspoons of sugar – more than a can of cola! Replace these with freshly made juices – look for those with a maximum of a three-day expiry date as a guide. Alternatively, make your own at home using vegetables such as beetroot, carrot, kale and spinach. You can ‘hide’ the vegetable flavours by using fruits like apple as the base. If you’re running short of time, opt for plain water with chopped or sliced fruit for flavour.

5. Get baking Replace bought pre-baked muffins and cupcakes or mix with a Paleo recipe that’s free from sugar, grains and dairy. Paleo recipes often use bananas as a base or to sweeten them and it’s easy to find delicious recipes online.

6. Turn to the honey Replace granulated sugar with organic honey – nature’s natural sweetener that’s not chemically altered from its natural state. Honey also has impressive nutritious and healing properties. Honey is fine for those aged 12 months and over.

7. DIY fruit lollies Swap shop-bought ice creams and lollies for homemade ones. You can buy the ice lolly moulds in most supermarkets and simply add freshly squeezed or blended fruit juice. All you need to do is freeze and, within a few hours, you’ll have a batch of natural and very nutritious ice lollies for your toddler and his or her friends.

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