Celebrity cook and recipe book author Annabel Karmel has partnered with local UAE supermarkets to launch her new range of organic baby purees and snacks in the emirates.

Designed to help parents introduce new foods and flavours into their baby’s diet, the organic baby purees are inspired by her popular cookbook recipes.

The 11 available puree flavours fall into three main categories including coconut, fruit and vegetable; each with 3-5 variations that are suitable for children of 6 months and above.

Packaged in twist-top pouches, there is no added salt, sugar or preservatives, while the combinations are intended to inspire an adventurous taste palette in little ones, with examples including Banana, Blueberry and Coconut Milk or Mango Apple and Banana.

While the pre-prepared purees can be consumed straight from the pouch, they can also be stirred into porridge, or squeezed into lice lolly moulds for a nutritious teething snack to soothe sore gums.


For older babies who can self-feed, there is also the new Oaty Bites snack range, which includes both Apple & Cinnamon and Strawberry & Vanilla flavours. The range explores interesting flavour pairings and new textures, and the products contain no artificial colorings or preservatives. They are also free of all 14 declarable allergens and are available to buy in sustainable recyclable packaging.

Speaking about her new launch on the shelves of Spinney’s across the UAE, Annabel Karmel said, “The aim of my products and recipes has always been to provide nutritious and convenient solutions for parents while ensuring children get to experience a variety of flavours from the get go of their culinary journey. It’s quite exciting to partner with some of UAE’s top retailers and family favorites for the new product range. Times are a bit difficult and I’d like to think getting creative with my products will help parents manage their littles ones better ”.

Annabel’s ready-to-go baby food range is now available to from multiple Spinney’s and Waitrose stores across the country as well as online at Kibsons.

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