Organic milk brand Koita has launched the UAE's first 'Milkman Delivery' service, offering free delivery of its range of dairy products to households in the emirates.

The concept of milkmen - delivery men who deliver fresh milk straight to customers' houses on a daily or regular basis - is a rather retro one, dating back to a time when refrigeration was poor and milk would easily spoil.

However, with the rise of online grocery deliveries, the milkman is having an unexpected revival: Müller, the UK's biggest milk deliverer, reversed plans to end milk deliveries in April 2016, deciding to expand the service to thousands of families instead.

With the average UAE family spending around Dh30 per week on milk (equating to an estimated 6 litres weekly, for which you either need a very big fridge or several trips to the shop), Koita is the first milk brand to grab a slice of the action here in Dubai.

Koita is a homegrown UAE brand that offers a selection of organic dairy varieties made from the milk of free-range Italian cows, including lactose-free milk and soy milk.

Until the end of October 2017 there is also an offer of 20% off all orders to UAE-based customers purchasing through the Koita website.

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Koita offers a range of organic dairy and non-dairy milks

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