When Lizelle Scurr posted a picture online of her daughter sitting in a Kibsons box while watching TV one day, it triggered a flurry of responses and posts from other mums talking about how Kibsons boxes play various roles in their family’s lives too. In homes all over the emirates, Kibsons boxes are doubling up as playpens, make-believe boats and cars, being transformed into Christmas fireplaces, school projects and Halloween costumes and even being used as storage boxes to move house.

We all know those iconic 1980s or '90s brands that immediately transport you on a wave of nostalgia back in time to your own childhood. With its bold logo, ubiquity in our homes and the imaginative potential of its size and shape, the Kibsons box has already crossed over from simply providing a service as the carrier of our online fresh fruit and veg orders, to becoming a part of the fabric of so many UAE families’ everyday lives. And, as Lizelle’s social media thread shows, it looks set to retain a special place in the hearts of our children as they grow older and have fond memories of their own Kibsons-box castles, ball pits or boats...

We’ve spoken to some of the mums who posted on Lizelle’s thread to ask them what they love about Kibsons and how it has become a part of their families’ daily life:

Lizelle Scurr, mum of Ellebelle, eight, says:
“Kibsons is a household brand that will one day remind our children of their time in the UAE. They will remember using the boxes for puppet shows, box carts, forts, dens – and moving house! For us, Kibsons is more than just healthy food... It’s about time spent together, doing things as a family.”

Lizelle's 8-year-old daughter sits in a Kibson's box while watching TV

Sarah Kitcher,
 mum of Ethan, eight:
“As a working mum of three 
small kids with no home help, Kibsons saves me from having 
to drag the children around the supermarkets. Even if I wake up with an empty fridge, Kibsons will deliver on the same day, so I can always get
a healthy meal on the table – it saves me time and money.”

Sarah's little boy plays with his Kibsons box

Bonita Smith, mum of Graeme, two:
“Not only do I use their boxes at home with my son, but I am a teacher and I use the boxes for school sometimes too, for activities and for storage. Kibsons makes it easier for my family to eat healthily.”

Bonita uses Kibsons boxes as a teaching aid

Nicola Bradley, mum
 of Miles age four:
 “In this pic, Miles was pretending to sit in a boat and fish plastic out of the ocean. I have three boys and they all love it when the Kibsons box arrives as they will quite happily play with it while they demolish a punnet of raspberries.”

Nicola's son turns his Kibsons box into a boat

Do Kibsons boxes have an integral part to play in your household? We'd love to hear from you - comment below or email to babyandchild@gulfnews.com.