If we're honest, we kind of hate having our photo taken. Since having kids, there never seems to be that day when we wake up and think, "My hair is glorious, my skin is radiant, I must preserve how I look forever'. It's more: 'Mum bun; coffee; paper bag for my head please."

But on the couple of occasions when we have arranged a professional photoshoot, it's always been one of the best things we've ever done.

Emma Staples Maternity shoot

 A beautifully set, perfectly lit, professionally taken family photo isn't about your hair or your under-eye bags; it's about capturing a magical slice of all-too-fleeting family time in a way that only a really good family lifestyle photographer can.

That's why we've teamed up with the lovely Emma Staples Photography, whose informal and relaxed photography style makes for stunning, natural-looking shots that are right up our street. "I love observing family moments, and often prefer the more candid ones that come after ‘the shot’," says Emma. "I don’t like to pose, stylize or interfere too much during the shoot – I like to see how families interact and capture those intimate looks, jokes and moments."

Emma Staples Newborn shoot

Her focus is on maternity, newborn, children and family shoots, and she's giving away one photoshoot worth Dh1,000 to a lucky Baby & Child mum - whether you prefer to have a maternity, newborn or family photoshoot is up to you! You will win not only the shoot itself but also 25 digital, edited high-res photos in both colour and black and white.

For your chance to win, please enter our very quick survey on expat families and leave your details.

We will be picking the winner on Sunday November 5 2017. Good luck!

Emma Staples Family shoot

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