“Changes in pregnancy and the process of delivery can have a huge impact on your posture, ligaments and muscles, which can all take time to recover.

“In my experience, new mums can often be so focused on their babies they forget to take care of themselves. Sitting badly to feed the baby, poor lifting techniques and bad posture can easily lead to problems such as lower-back and neck pain. By having an awareness of your posture, making time to exercise and by taking care in daily activities, you can really help to prevent long-term issues.

“New mums may also get constipation and, unfortunately, straining on the toilet can lead to pelvic floor weakness and leakage. I always like to show new mums the best way to sit on the toilet to empty their bowels and I encourage them to drink fluids while they are feeding the baby, as well as to have a good nutritious diet in order to reduce the chances of constipation.

“Personally, I would advise all mums to see a physiotherapist following the birth of their baby – especially the first one. Your body has gone through a number of changes and our role is to help you understand how you can get back into shape in the safest and most effective way.

“Having a good assessment of the joints and pelvic floor gives women the confidence to exercise more effectively and improves their awareness of what to avoid in the early days. It’s a real privilege to help empower women to feel more comfortable and in control of their bodies after having a baby, as those early days and weeks can be so overwhelming and hectic.”