We are having a boy!

I found at during the 16-week scan. My husband wasn’t with me and I felt guilty finding out before him, but I couldn’t resist. We also found out the first time – we just prefer to know.


“I went in with a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy and came out with five pieces of double-sided A4 paper listing all the drugs I’d been given. The birth didn’t exactly go to plan, but it was special nonetheless. I started feeling the early twangs of labour around 4:30am on a Sunday in Februrary that year. By 8am the contractions were just over a minute apart so we went to the hospital. I was only 2cm dilated so they sent me home.

“I lasted until around 2:30pm, having had something to eat and a bath. After that my waters broke and I begged my husband to take me back. I had a bit of gas and air when I got there and that’s the last thing I recall. I zoned out and don’t have many memories.

“My husband tells me that at around 9pm, the doctor advised that labour wasn’t progressing and the baby’s heart rate was dropping so we had to go for an emergency C-section. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I felt so warped that I started accusing the doctors of poisoning me and, when Xander was born, I just remember thinking ‘that baby’s legs are very long’.

“The entire experience was a far cry from the hynpobirthing techniques I’d been pracitising! Xander’s cord was wrapped around his neck twice and once around his chest, which had caused some difficulties, but he was born healthy and and breastfeeding came easily.

“I am nervous about the next delivery, but from my previous experience, I feel there’s not much I can do to control it. What will be, will be. I’d just like to be more present and, if possible, try to enjoy the experience.”


“The first trimester really dragged as I was feeling constantly nauseous and extremely tired. I also suffered terrible headaches and had to check out of life a fair few times, leaving my husband to cope with bathtime, bedtime and everything else. As soon as three months clicked around, I started feeling a lot better and, touch wood, haven’t had any other major problems yet. I stopped breastfeeding Xander in December so I’ve been enjoying more freedom at night.

“I had to break out my maternity clothes a few weeks ago. My friends say my bump is smaller this time, but I still feel huge. I started feeling the baby move a few weeks ago and the kicking is getting stronger by the week.

“I’m a lot more emotional and angry this time too. My husband says I must be the most-hated woman at our bank after our recent mortgage dealings. I do see the red mist very easily when pregnant.

“It’s amazing how different it has been to the first time around. It all feels a lot more relaxed and it’s scary to be on the brink of being a mum of two, but we are excited to be growing our family.”

To hear more about Faye’s pregnancy, check out her full interview online and tune in to her next installment in the next issue of Baby&Child.

My bump diary

What is baby doing now?

At 25 weeks, your baby is slowly gaining some fat. From crown to heel, he or she will now measure about 34.6cm (13.62 inches) and weigh around 660g (1.46 pounds). Baby’s senses continue to develop and the nostrils start opening this week. Baby can now touch and hold his or her feet and make a fist.

If the baby does have hair, then the colour and texture is visible now.