Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, which delivers more than 2,000 babies every year, has been certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as a Non-Covid Facility, only catering to patients that have either fully recovered from Covid-19 or who have not contracted the virus at all.

Up until now the hospital’s inpatient and ICU units have treated more than 640 Covid-19 related cases, including delivering its first baby born to a Covid-positive mother in early May.

As the number of newly diagnosed positive cases has decreased and the country is going back to fully operational capacity across all industries, the DHA has allowed a handful of selected hospitals in Dubai to become “Non-Covid” facilities.

This has been done to clear the backlog of elective surgeries that piled up due to the lockdown and to ensure the continuity of healthcare services to patients that suffer from acute or chronic non communicable diseases who are in need of medical care.

As well as caring for many cancer, diabetes and heart disease patients, “more than 2,000 babies are delivered in the hospital each year,” says Dr Mohaymen Abdelghani, CEO of Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.  “This certification allows us to fully cater to our Non-Covid 19 patients allowing them to continue their treatments confidently in a safe environment.”

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is the first major birth hospital to go Covid-free that caters to South Dubai in Al Barsha, Marina, JLT, JBR, Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah, and Jabel Ali communities. Mediclinic City Hospital in Healthcare City, North Dubai, is another major birth hospital that has already been Covid-free since early June.

Al Zahra Hospital had not been allowing pregnant women to use the pain relief option gas and air during labour because of the risk of virus transmission, but it is expected that this option will be reinstated now that the hospital has become Covid-free.

Despite no longer admitting Covid-19 patients, social distancing, hand hygiene, temperature checks and wearing masks are still mandatory when visiting the hospital, while intense sterilization measures have been put into place across the facility. While the hospital is equipped with the latest testing capabilities for Covid-19, swabs are carried out in a designated cubicle outside the hospital and the emergency room has a separate pathway for any patient suffering of respiratory symptoms. 

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