When you have all of three minutes to spend on your hair, these no-fuss volumising tips can get you a salon-like style from the comfort of your dressing table.

“It can be a constant struggle to keep our hair looking full and fabulous, especially when pushed for time,” says Haysam Eid, managing director of eideal (www.eidealonline.com). “For those days when you want instant volume without the hassle and time commitment of using a curling iron or getting a blow-dry at the salon, try these five hair hacks for adding volume in minutes.”

1. Switch up your parting. Simply part your hair on the other side or opt for a centre parting. It is a simple trick that always works.

2. Give your ponytail a little lift. If your ponytail needs a boost, just add a clip. Split your ponytail horizontally, take a mini claw clip and clip it under the top third of your ponytail for instant results.

3. Prep your hair with mousse. Most people only think about hair products when they’ve finished styling, but the prep stage is similar to applying primer to your skin before adding make-up. It’s guaranteed to last much longer and will make your hair a pliable texture that’s perfect to work on. When hair is still damp, work in a strong hold mousse to mid-lengths and ends then blast dry to keep curls and waves looking good for longer.

4. A wooden brush can work wonders. Natural wooden brushes that have soft bristles are essentially big rollers that will give you a salon worthy blow-dry in just 10 minutes. Simply wrap large hair sections round the brush, apply heat from the hairdryer, let them cool and then release.

5. Give dry shampoo a go. When all else falls flat, dry shampoo will never let you down. Flip your head over, spray dry shampoo at the roots, mess it up and you’re good to go. Check the ingredients list to ensure you’re spritzing a dry shampoo that’s ideal for adding body and remember to stash a travel-sized version in your bag for midday emergencies.

Your at-home hair kit

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