From the best foods to eat for a healthy pregnancy to the nasty chemicals to avoid, there are a lot of life changes that come when you are expecting a baby. Here, nutritionist, yoga instructor and mother, Laura Weyel, shares her advice for a holistically healthy gestation that encompasses the body, soul and mind…

3 Pregnancy tips for looking after you

Boost skin elasticity

“Lets not forget you over so much baby excitement. Pregnancy is a phenomenal act that we women can manage, but also it’s not easy for our bodies. So, special care can help you get through it easier. While your skin has to stretch enormously, you can help by boosting your skin’s elasticity properties. The most powerful is collagen and Vitamin C. So, get yourself a collagen powder (don’t use liquid), and mix it in a glass of freshly squeezed, cold-pressed orange juice – which is a wonderful morning ritual. Collagen is only properly absorbed when it is taken in combination with Vitamin C. Have this every morning and you will feel your skin becoming much stronger. Also, lots of organic berries daily. Blast your skin with vitamin C.”

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Swap to folate

“I advise my clients to ditch their folic acid tablets. Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate. It puts your liver under tremendous pressure and exhausts its enzymes to convert folic acid into its usable form of folate. While doing this, toxin compounds are created in the liver, which contributes to ageing and is even linked to cancer. Folic acid is totally unnecessary. You can buy folate in a health food store in the natural form. Sometimes they write the ‘official’ name of it on the label which is Methyltetrahydrofolate, or 5-MTHF. Also eating plenty of green leafy vegetables helps with getting more folate throughout the day. The easiest is to juice a bunch of kale and greens in a cold pressed juicer.”

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“One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn proper breathing techniques. You can access and control your immune system and your nervous system with various techniques. This will help with sleep, anxiety, energy levels and skin, and is an amazing tool to have during labour. Plus, it will boost your baby’s development. With the correct breathing, your body’s blood turns alkaline within minutes and cleanses everything that is not supposed to be there.”

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3 Pregnancy tips for looking after baby

Feel a joy for life

“You are creating life, pure magical energy. Shouldn’t you feel that way? Whatever you put your mind to, you create. If you are worried, stressed, restless, sluggish, or angry, don’t be surprised if your child becomes a bundle of conflict. Being exposed to negative emotions has an impact on how we see ourselves. So, the greatest gift you can give your child is to love life itself – bliss. Do whatever gets you into this state... Listen to high vibration music, use positive affirmations, chant mantras, meditate, write a gratitude list, paint, relax in a bath, do whatever makes you feel closest to your pure essence, which is bliss. In this way, you give your child the opportunity to be just that.”

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Detox your space

“Make an inventory of all the products you are exposed to. From cleaning products, to cosmetics and food. The amount of artificial colours, preservatives, chemicals and pesticides is a huge challenge for health, the little body growing inside of you wasn’t designed for such a world filled with artificial substances and toxins. Go organic wherever possible and try to avoid the unnecessary load of chemicals (such as in hair dyes, nail polish, make-up).”

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Cut out dairy

“Our body doesn’t have the enzymes to break down lactose and casein, fats and protein in milk. It can leave indigestive residues that form mucus and rot in our body. It creates inflammation in our gut and intestines and affects the feminine flora. All of this transfers over to your child. Having a strong bacterial balance in our yonis and gut is very important for the baby’s development and immunity.”

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Nutritionist and yoga instructor Laura Weyel runs wellbeing consultation programmes for men and women to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Laura’s Pregnancy Wellbeing programme is designed to help women to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally during pregnancy.