Greek yoghurt

High in calcium and natural protein but low in carbohydrates, sugar-free Greek yoghurt varieties are the best for keeping blood sugar levels stable.


High in protein and natural fats, but without loading up the carbohydrates and sugars, nuts are a great way to munch your way to optimum health.

White meat and fish

White meat and fish have high levels of protein, which will keep you feeling full between meals without triggering the need for insulin in your body. Include white meat in a snack size sandwich or have fishcakes to stave off hunger.

Homemade popcorn

Avoid the highly processed flavoured varieties of popcorn and try making homemade popcorn - a great TV snack that will keep you feeling satisfied without any of the sugar or carbohydrates of other snacks.

Oats with berries

The slow-releasing carbohydrates in oats and the low sugars in berries will keep your energy levels high while keeping your blood sugar low.

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