Baby showers are a milestone event and should be celebrated as such! Traditionally, baby showers were a chance for an expectant mother to be “showered” with gifts by her family and friends. Over time, they have evolved into glamorous affairs, often steered by the expectant mother.

Like any event - from a surprise birthday party to an extravagant wedding - planning can be stressful. Follow these helpful tips to ensure that you don’t experience any bumps in the road while planning your baby shower...

Theme the scheme

With a wave of new décor services and creative offerings sweeping Dubai, your baby shower’s theme is only limited by your imagination. Take some time to contemplate a theme that you will love because it will dictate even the smallest of details at your party. Your theme will decide everything from how your table is decorated right down to what the marzipan on your cupcakes are shaped like!

Happy Bubble balloons can be themed for a boy or girl

Location, location, location

The next thing to cross off your to-do list is picking a venue, and with Dubai’s boundless sunshine as your backdrop there are many scenic venues you could choose. However, hosting at home could be your best option, even if it does mean you’re left with the clearing up! With a party at home, you’re not restricted by set hours or aesthetic limitations. If you want a giant ice sculpture of a baby in the middle of the room, you can have it!

But if you’ve got cabin fever and are aching to enjoy some fresh air, be sure to communicate your baby shower plans with the venue you choose. Sometimes timings can be tricky when you’re setting up an event at a restaurant or hotel, and some locations only permit event set-up outside of business hours, either early in the morning or after midnight. If you're hiring a decorator or event planner, this could significantly affect their charges, so check before you book.

Game on

Baby showers tend to be a mingling of different social circles. Your family, friends and colleagues may need an icebreaker to get the small talk flowing. Organise your event’s schedule with music and themed baby shower games so everyone gets together and has fun. If you’re looking for something beyond diaper changing and gender guessing games, try Happy Bubble’s new personalised balloon workshop. Get crafty with your crew and add an unforgettable touch to your special day!

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