Eat dates

Dates reduce the need for medical induction

In the UAE, we are lucky to have dates a plenty. Studies show that eating 60g to 80g of dates per day in the final weeks of pregnancy can reduce the need for medical induction.

Nipple stimulation

Massaging the areolas can cause the uterus to contract

Massage the areola to simulate a baby breast-feeding; the suckling action triggers hormones in the mother that cause the uterus to contract.


Try Acupunture in the UAE

Various studies point to the use of acupuncture for inducing labour. A Canadian study found that, from due date onwards, acupuncture twice a day can reduce the need for induction.

Aubergine Parmigiana

Aubergine parmigiana in the UAE

This delicious Italian dish is said to be great at getting labour going. There is even a restaurant that has pics of the babies that their parmigiana has helped deliver!

Black liquorice

Liquorice releases prostaglandins which starts the labour

This ‘love it, or hate it’ treat is known to trigger the release of prostaglandins, which start labour. Liquorice root tea can also be used.

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