With around 200 private schools in Dubai, following various international curricula, choosing your little one's first learning environment can seem like a daunting task. But with rising school fees and entrance assessments to consider, it's rarely too early to start thinking about what you want out of a school experience for your child.

To help give you a better idea of what's on offer we took a tour around Dubai school North London Collegiate, which teaches an IB-focused curriculum, and took a closer look at their ethos, learning strategies and facilities to give you everything you need to decide whether it would make a good fit for your child. Watch the video below to hear from the staff, see the grounds and classrooms and, because we know that hearing feedback firsthand is priceless when it comes to making this decision, we also spoke to the students’ parents too. Hear what they had to say… 

North London Collegiate School says: “At NLCS Dubai, we will support every child to develop their own unique gifts, and to become grounded, self-confident individuals, with no limit to their potential. Our students will leave us with a clear sense of where their passions and interests lie, having experienced a wide variety of activities and opportunities: academic, sporting and artistic. They will be prepared for the challenges of a world in which borders are fading, in which international mindedness and compassion are essential. We believe that a happy student is a successful student, and that with the right guidance they will be able to flourish academically and socially. Our teachers guide their students to understand academic excellence and recognise that it is attainable.” 

Read more about NLCS on their website