With around 200 private schools in Dubai, following various international curricula, choosing your little one's first learning environment can seem like a daunting task. But with rising school fees and entrance assessments to consider, it's rarely too early to start thinking about what you want out of a school experience for your child.

To help give you a better idea of what's on offer we took a tour around Dubai school Hartland International, taking a closer look at their ethos, learning strategies and facilities to give you everything you need to decide whether it would make a good fit for your child. Watch the video below to hear from the staff, see the grounds and classrooms and, because we know that hearing feedback firsthand is priceless when it comes to making this decision, we also spoke to the students and their parents too. Watch the video to hear what they had to say.  

Hartland explains that they “deliver a traditional values-driven British education, combined with the richness of international approaches in education, which is purposefully structured to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner. Hartland students’ personal and social development is key to their success, coupled with a supportive but challenging curriculum. The school is a learning community where they celebrate individualism, embrace diversity and encourage children to explore the world of infinite opportunities. With a mission to provide a holistic international education, Hartland’s ambition is to empower young minds to discover their talents, pursue their passions, exceed expectations, and realise dreams so as to make a positive impact in the world."

For more information visit www.hartlandinternational.com


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Video by Aiza Castillo-Domingo