Picking where to sign up or send your little one to school is always a head spin - more so in the UAE, where expats are often choosing between different international curricula, in educational institutions they may never have heard of and didn't go to themselves. While there used to be fierce competition for limited spaces in the UAE, there has been a large number of new-school openings in recent years, giving parents even more choice - but there hasn't always been a lot of guidance.

While the KHDA's rating of schools is a great barometer for gauging an institution's quality in terms of teaching and education, it doesn't take into account factors like parent feedback, school fees and availability of places.

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Education web site, SchoolsCompared.com, provides side-by-side comparisons of schools in the emirates in all curricula, and has revealed its top 25 schools based on positive feedback by parents, teachers and students, schools visits and the expert views of a panel of judges from SchoolsCompared.com and WhichSchoolAdvisor.com.

The best school in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been named, in order of achievement, as:

The Top 10
1st Place:  Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) Arabian Ranches:

2nd Place:  Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

3rd Place:  Dubai English Speaking College

4th Place:  Kings' School Al Barsha

5th Place:  Nord Anglia International School Dubai

6th Place:  British International School Abu Dhabi

7th Place: The British School Al Khubairat

8th Place: Jebel Ali School

9th Place: Dubai College

10th Place: Raha International School

11- 25
11th. American School of Dubai

12th. Jumeirah College

13th. The Indian High School

14th GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

15th Safa Community School

16th Horizon English School

17th Al Bateen Secondary School

18th Brighton College Abu Dhabi

19th Victory Heights Primary School

20th Repton School Dubai

21st Lycée Francais International Georges Pompidou

22nd Al Muna Primary School

23th Foremarke School

24th American Community School of Abu Dhabi

25th Merryland International School Abu Dhabi

Is your child at one of these top schools? Would you agree with the ratings?

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