Have you ever tried forcing a child to wear a face mask? It’s no fun - for anyone. But, with current regulations requiring that everybody, including children, wear a face mask outside, it’s also a non-negotiable. “It can be hard to make children understand why they need to wear a face mask,” says Dubai mum and owner of breastfeeding and maternity fashion label Nats & Jun. “Asking kids to do something by force doesn't always work, but if you make it fun for them and make something they love, they are unlikely to refuse.” 

Enter the Protective Superhero Shields – designed to be suitable for children from two years of age and handmade by Natasha, these shields combine the double protection of a visor and a cloth face mask (with a slit where you can insert a surgical face mask if you wish for even more protection), come in more than 25 different designs, and look so cool that your fussy, face mask-hating kid might actually be excited to put them on.

The visors come in a range of designs

“These masks ensure your child is protected outdoors, whilst keeping reserves of medical grade face masks for frontline workers,” explains Natasha. “The well-ventilated, anti-fog visor sheet boasts an adjustable elastic support band and a foam forehead protector. Each piece is vibrant, allowing your child to channel his/her favourite superhero, and feel like one at all times. The shields are custom-made to your child's needs and come with easy sterilization instructions.”

Natasha uses some of the proceeds from the sale of these visors to give back to society: “With every purchase I make sure that I donate one ‘grown up mask’ to a frontline worker and by end of the week we make a box of essential groceries and toiletries for a family that has been financially affected by Covid."

Each week Natasha donates a grown-up shield to workers

Natasha has also designed a Baby Shield for little ones who refuse to wear a mask, or who tend to fiddle with it at all times. “The baby shield and face mask protect your child from airways of viral entry and reduce potential infection by preventing the wearer from touching their face,” says Natasha.

“Being a mother I was not comfortable with using just the cloth mask and to top it all the medical masks were not the size that we wanted,” she says. “I wanted to be extra sure in terms of safety as kids tend to keep removing their face mask . The shield along with the face mask gives it the extra protection and you are less paranoid to tale your little one out for a walk,” explains Natasha. 

The Superhero Shields come in all sorts of kid-friendly designs, from Batman, Spiderman and Captain America, to Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and many more.

The Superhero Shields are available for Dh79. Payments can be made via a secure payment gateway. See the Facebook group or contact via WhatsApp on +971 552425399 for more information.

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