Bunk up together. It’s advised to keep the baby in your bedroom during the night for at least the first six months to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). “Place a cradle or bassinet within arm’s reach of your bed so you can tend to your little one more easily when they wake,” says Ruban Shanmugarajah, General Manager, Babyshop - UAE.

Create a safe space. Be sure to create a cosy yet safe sleep environment with flat and firm bedding. Remember to avoid placing any soft object in the crib while they are sleeping until the baby is at least a year old.

Let there be light. A night light will comfort your little one while also making it easy for you to check on baby during the dark hours.

Get some rocking aid. “Gentle bouncing and swinging vibrations have a calming effect on babies so keep a portable swing in the room,” says Ruban. Use it as a backup if your arms tire and you need a little break during those 3am rocking sessions.  

Invest in a hi-tech hook up. If you need to pop to the kitchen to make up a bottle during the night but don’t want to disturb a sleeping tot, a baby monitor will allow you to keep eyes and ears on your little one. “Make sure you get one that covers a large enough range for your house,” says Ruban.

Wake them up with a smile. Keep a toy to hand to amuse your little one with when he or she wakes. A mirror is a great tool for self-discovery – it may just buy you a few more minutes under the covers.

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