“When my kids have a cold, I rub mint oil on their soles and cover with socks – always works!”  –  Savitri Ep Bejaoui 

“In the summer I use a gel ice pack and slip it between the cushion of my little one’s car seat to cool him down.” – Jenna Janz

“To stop my bub picking up germs from chewing on the shopping trolley, I put a cut-up swimming noodle over the handle – it’s also easier on her gums.”  – Roisin Bennet

“Tiny baby hack: warm the Moses basket with a hot water bottle before putting sleeping baby down so they won’t wake up with the change in temperature.”   – Claire Hodgson 

“Whenever my baby grows out of her current romper, I snip off the bottom and voila! A new shirt!”  - Anna Marina Cantos

“Take talc to rub on your child when you leave the beach – the sand falls right off!” – Sally Pedker Barker

“Teething hack: Freeze the nipple of a pacifier in a clean ice-cube tray filled with formula, breastmilk or water to make a ‘mumsicle’.”  – Shyma Nashrin

“Mix a drop of  lavender oil with coconut oil and massage on baby’s feet, or diffuse in their room before bedtime – it’s a relaxing moment and lavender helps them sleep.”  – Julie Audette

“Use a mesh garment bag when washing little one’s socks so that they don’t get lost in the machine.”  – Catherine Zulueta

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