Dental care is undeniably important, essential to your health and your hygiene, but one thing you’d never claim is that it’s much fun. 

At least, that was the case until Dr Milad Sharooh, a dentist from Basingstoke, UK, came along.

While it all started with a bit of messing around in his dental practice one evening at the end of work, he quickly became a viral sensation as ‘The Singing Dentist’ and it’s not surprising why. Milad’s USP is that he sings his own toothy-themed covers of popular songs, from Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, all accompanied by the impressive agility of his uber-expressive eyebrows. And the results are hugely fun, with his videos racking up more than 9 million views on his YouTube channel alone.

Realising that with great power comes great responsibility, Milad is now on a mission to educate people across the world about the importance of looking after their teeth and to shoot down the common misconceptions we end up carrying around with us about dental care.

One of the biggest battles he has to wage is against the deeply ingrained idea that going to the dentist is scary and uncomfortable, a battle that, armed with his unlimited energy and excellent sense of humour, we have no doubt he’ll end up winning.

Baby & Child caught up with Dr Milad while he visited Dubai this month as we asked him to give us the lowdown on the biggest myths about children’s dental health, and his answers surprised even us.

From brushing after breakfast to fruit as a healthy snack, it turns out that the average parent’s knowledge on little teeth is sorely neglected.

Watch our video below for Dr Milad’s super tips and tricks on the realities of kids’ dental care and to see The Singing Dentist in action.

It’s guaranteed to make you smile!

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